50 Goals To Reach Before 50

50 before 50

50 Goals I Want To Reach Before Turning 50 in 2025


  1. Become a successful location independent entrepreneur
  2. Have a “comfortable” monthly income
  3. Get a decent passive income
  4. Buy and pay off a new car of my own
  5. Own property

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  1. Put God first in everything I do
  2. Become actively involved in a church
  3. Be a proud, non-judgemental Christian
  4. Know my Bible really well
  5. Get involved in the distribution of Bibles

Post That are Good For The Soul


  1. Be more positive & less irritated
  2. Learn to be happy & more confident
  3. Learn not to attract other people’s bad vibes
  4. Practise proper breathing & mindfulness every day
  5. Stop caring what people think & say about me

Posts About Emotional Well-Being

Health & Fitness

  1. Reach my goal weight
  2. Be fit and healthy
  3. Have lots of energy
  4. Develop healthy eating habits
  5. Become passionate about an active hobby

Family & Friends

  1. Make friends with positive, non-judgemental people
  2. Spend more time with my family
  3. Have a better relationship with my brother & sister
  4. Be a better aunt
  5. Reach out to old friends & have coffees them

Posts About My Family

Learn To

  1. Play the Ukulele
  2. Surf / Kitesurf
  3. Write Short Stories & Devotionals
  4. Use Pinterest properly
  5. Freedive / Scuba Dive


  1. Become confident speaking English
  2. Read more books
  3. Follow a Morning & Evening Routine
  4. Become an expert in designing books on Canva
  5. Make proper self-care part of my daily routine

Posts About Personal Development


  1. Explore Europe (with money)
  2. South African Adventure Roadtrip
  3. Go Glamping
  4. Go on a Family beach holiday
  5. Stay on a tropical island for a couple of months

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Overcoming Fears

  1. Take advance driving lessons & overcome my fear of driving
  2. Explore my City by myself
  3. Write & Publish a book
  4. Do an Openwater Swim
  5. Learn self-defence

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Volunteer / Give Back

  1. Donate Blood
  2. Plant trees/gardens with an NGO
  3. Do a beach clean-up
  4. Sponsor a child
  5. Do something to help the elderly

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